How long have jim and pam been dating

After months of holding in their respective issues and letting their troubles slowly consume their relationship, last night’s episode saw the pair voicing their problems big and small after a trip to a marriage counselor.

This is supported by Ryan's claim in Dwight's Speech (late season 2) that Jim has been working there for 5 years.

"I have to approach Pam differently [now]," she explained in Season 4, a defining season in which her character finally begins a long-awaited relationship with Jim and is accepted into the Pratt Institute.

"She is in a loving relationship, she has found her voice, she has started taking art classes.

[Note: This whole scene was reminiscent of several other big moments they’ve had, from Jim’s confession on “Casino Night” to their long silence that said a thousand words in “Booze Cruise.” As a viewer, it was so intimate, I almost felt rude watching it.] …For a brief moment, Jim had trouble finding the words for what he wanted to say. Instead, we cut to a flashback to their wedding, where Jim’s brother (who presided over their wedding) read aloud, “Love suffers long and is kind — it is not proud.

“Sorry” clearly wouldn’t suffice, so instead he hugged her. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

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