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Rubixx allows on their website to input your gender, the gender you are looking for, a age range and a US zip code.

This really is not enough information to search on, especially based on the number of profiles that it shows you. No additional information is present in the simplified profiles Rubixx displays to you in the search results, with the exception of what dating site the profile is found on.

Copenda, a unique social people search engine, today announced major upgrades to the site that will make it easier to find and connect with people on the Internet.

Copenda is the first search engine that allows people to view profiles from multiple social networking and dating sites in one place.

While in theory it sounds like a good idea, practically it has a way to go.

One of the main problems is the lack of search criteria.

It is our hope, that Copenda will be the networking site consumers turn to manage all their accounts from one centralized location." Copenda was founded in December 2007 by Tal Cohen, Gadi Reichman and David Kariv.

Dating and social networking sites benefit from Copenda because it can increase their membership and traffic.

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The Smiths, a family in Missouri got a surprised when a friend emailed them a picture they took of a billboard in the Czech Republic.The big news at Copenda is they will be adding Facebook to the search soon in June, 2009.Currently there are more than 200 million users on Facebook.Members can filter through general preferences, such as gender, interests, age, as well as location, and the profiles are aggregated into one location.New features to the site include: "We read in a Datamonitor report that active social networking memberships was forecasted to hit 230 million by the end of 2007," said David Kariv, Copenda's co-founder "To help those millions of people, our goal is to make it easy for them to connect no matter what social networking site they prefer.

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